The J Dilla legend continues to rightfully grow, and with the recent news that his family is finally in control of his vast estate containing all beats and no money, it's time for a new round of awesome products. Stones Throw recently announced that they have teamed with Serato, the leading computerized DJ platform, to create a new Dilla-infused release called 'Donut Shop.' The package includes two vinyls with six unreleased J Dilla tracks, two sides with Serato Control Tone (which is used with Serato Scratch Live DJ software) and two donut-shaped slipmats to keep your turntables fresh.

So, what beats are you actually getting? Well, three of the new joints have never been heard before. J. Rocc pulled them from the Dilla archives and they're called 'Safety Dance' (a take on the Men Without Hats song of the same name), 'Sycamore' and 'Bars & Twists' respectively. The other three tracks are unreleased instrumental versions of Dilla favorites for Mos Def, Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes. All tracks were remastered by Elysian Masters, who mixed and mastered Dilla's 'Donuts,' 'The Shining' and 'Ruff Draft.' Not bad at all.

Finally, packaging for the release was done by Studio No. 1, and dang is it pretty. Unfold the cover and you enter a multicolored world that perfectly reflects Dilla's textured production. You can pre-order now from Stones Throw for the official release on May 10 and check out 'Safety Dance' here.

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