Isaac Castor may still be a young one in hip-hop, but he has a wealth of experience that many up-and-coming rappers (and even some veterans) can only dream of.

Rapping since he was nine years old, Isaac, then known as Gameboi, was hailed as a local musical prodigy after the release of his tune “Act Right,” which featured Big Pooh (formerly of Little Brother.) Growing in Ann Arbor, Mich., the young artist's father introduced him to the likes of 2Pac, Jay Z and Outkast. Those influences shine Isaac's rapid-fire flow on his new track, "Hole in One."

Produced by Arjun Singh, who he collaborated with on the 2015 LP, High Art, Isaac chooses his words carefully and shows that he knows a thing or two despite still being young.

"I'm a wizard with the words / I'm a young Dumbledore / The life of a groovy ass college kid / I'll acknowledge it / Except I ain't no scholarship / But I'll stay well-versed in my politics," he delivers on a verse.

While he has been given props in Michigan, Isaac Castor wants take his music to the bigger scale and conveys his readiness to do so.

"Bring it down / Roll it up / Money busting out the seams / Gotta fold it up / Baby, let me hit it like a hole in one / They say your boy is on the rise in the morning sun," he spits on the chorus.

There's no doubt that we will be hearing more for Isaac Castor really soon, but in the meantime, you can listen to "Hole in One" below.