The company insuring Michael Jackson's This Is It tour -- the 50 comeback concerts set for London right before his untimely death in June 2009 -- have asked a judge to null the $17.5 million policy taken out by promoter AEG Live.

Lloyd's of London filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday (June 6) against AEG Live, asking that the contract between them be voided under the confines that they were not aware Jackson had been doping up during the rehearsals for the show.

The This Is It tour was scheduled to begin on July 13, 2009, but Jackson passed away in his sleep on June 25, two-and-a-half weeks prior to the tour's opening at London's O2 arena. Jackson's physician, Dr. Conrad Murray will stand trial later this summer for manslaughter, as it is believed he helped administer a fatal lethal amount of the anesthetic Propofol into Jackson's bloodstream to help aid with his sleep.

According to Reuters, Lloyd's charges that AEG and Jackson's handlers were privy to Jackson's use of Propofol and failed to disclose "his apparent prescription drug use and/or drug addiction," and thus are requesting that the policy "be declared null and void."

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