Princess Cut was a late bloomer in the DJ industry -- the Atlanta native already had a degree in psychology just after touching her first pair of Technics.

"I was always influenced by a strong love and passion for good music period," she tells The BoomBox. "I loved that it's a unifying factor for people in the world."

Princess Cut didn't think of spinning records for a living until she turned 20, and then it was still a matter of happenstance -- one night out at a local bar, Princess Cut decided to experiment with a pair of lonely turntables on stage and she hasn't stopped spinning since.

"About a year or so after I started, the game changed and DJs started playing CDs," she reveals. "A year or two after that, Serato came into play. I was just happy to be able to catch the end of the true vinyl era. There's nothing like the feel of vinyl."

Princess Cut took off immediately, indulging in her newest hobby with fervor. However, in her excitement to show off her skills, she had a couple of embarrassing mishaps.

"Within my trial period, I definitely was mixing records that weren't supposed to go together," she says with a laugh. "But it was something I was so hungry for."

Then there was the time Princess was hired to spin at a studio event. "That particular night I was so excited that I knocked the needle off the record," she recalls. "All I could do was smile because I was just so happy to be doing it, but everybody looked up at the booth like 'Ohhh!' But I kept the party going."

Her confidence level increased with every set thereafter, as she fought to prove her rightful spot as one of Atlanta's premiere DJs. The fact that she was only one of the few females doing it gave Princess an extra sparkle. Surprisingly in a male-dominated industry, she found that many of her peers welcomed her into the fold easily.

"A lot of promoters will hire a male DJ before they would a female DJ," she reveals. "It's just a comfort level that they have, but I just kind of had to show and prove. I was always at the record stores picking up vinyl.

"A majority of these [male DJs] tried at some point to take me under their wing," she continues. "They'd put me on label's music lists, or teach me about a blend or a cut. A lot of them were really welcoming to me."

It wasn't long before Princess Cut began to have some pretty extraordinary experiences while DJing. One of her favorite gigs was touring with the Dungeon Family.

"Being a female from Atlanta's younger generation, and being able to actually go out and tour with one of the most legendary groups from Atlanta, that's a stamp within itself," she recalls, fondly. "Goodie Mob and OutKast were my favorite groups while growing up."

2012 was a phenomenal year for DJ Princess Cut. She started off at full speed, fueled by her breakout performance on BET's "Master of the Mix," making huge strides while in the competition.

Since, she's been spinning all over the city in addition to landing a spot on Atlanta radio station Hot 107.9, making her the sole female mix show DJ in the city.

2013 holds nothing but promise for Princess Cut. "2013 will be such a great year," she says slowly. "Because 2012 was awesome. In 2013, I am going to the moon. Yeah."

Top 5 Songs of the Moment

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  5. "In My Mind," Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl feat. Georgi Kay (Axwell Mix)

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  2. "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)," Michael Jackson
  3. "Got to Be Real," Cheryl Lynn
  4. "Candy," Cameo
  5. "Raspberry Beret," Prince

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