Following an April 30 concert, Travis Scott has been involved in a lawsuit after fan Kyle Green claimed the rapper incited the crowd to jump for a venue's balcony. According to Kyle Green, while he didn't jump, something happened causing him to fall.

Green is now in a wheelchair and his lawyer claims he's partially paralyzed. But Green's mother has a different story about what happened. In a letter obtained by TMZ, the mother says her son "does not hold either of you accountable for what happened to him, and he will not take any legal action against either of you."

The mom says someone pushed Green from the balcony and went on to write, "I would never punish someone who was trying to help my son. Kyle has said that he will never forget your kindness and encouragement during that terrifying time."

Contrary to Green's original claims, Travis was helpful during the entire incident, gifting Green with a $100,000 ring and FaceTiming him. Green was also visited by Scott's manager and team while in was in the hospital.

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