The evolution of a stage name is usually an interesting story. Eminem, for example, was taken from the rapper's real initials: (M)arshall (M)athers. 50 Cent -- real name Curtis James Jackson III -- adopted his stage name to preserve the legacy of an infamous Brooklyn robber who earned the nickname from robbing just about anyone, even if all they had was spare change. "I'm the same kind of person 50 Cent was," the rapper told AOL Music on a visit to Sessions, "I provide for myself by any means."

But how did he get from "50 Cent" to "Fiddy"? Eccentric manager-turned-TV star Sharon Osbourne coined the abbreviated version. "My name was 50 Cent until Sharon Osbourne said 'Fiddy' at the BET Awards," the rapper said. "Then it changed. After that, it was either/or, depending on how people feel!"

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