The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum will find a home in Harlem, N.Y. According to DNAinfo (New York), the HHHOF development team announced on Tuesday (June 6) that it had won a bid to build museum on 125th Street in Harlem.

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum is being compared to Cleveland's famed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in that it will be a place to archive, exhibit, educate and document hip-hop’s rich history and socioeconomic impact on the world.

The HHHOF development team also announced plans to raise $150 million for the project, with the hopes of getting the first phase open by February 2018 with the redesigning of the building's exterior and interior infrastructure.

In the press release (via PR Newswire), the preliminary plan includes a ground floor themed HHHOF cafe, gallery, visitors bureau, and retail gift store with a second floor HHHOF museum, event space, offices, and multi-media studio for film and television content production. The "Phase Two" of the project will include a TV studio, a five-star hotel and restaurants.

Developers believe that once Phase Two is fully completed, the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum will bring $350 million annually to New York City and create thousands of jobs.

If you want to donate to the HHHOF Capital Campaign, head over to

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