A Danbury, Conn. hip-hop DJ and his half-brother were arrested for music piracy last Wednesday (June 8), following a two-year investigation pinpointing them for selling illegal music over the 'Net.

Michael "DJ Big Mike" Wilcox, 33, and his half-brother Stephen Sabato, 21, were busted after hours of surveillance and various interviews with potential accomplices lead police to the duo. Wilcox was arrested at his home, while Sabato was taken into custody after heading to the police station to inquire about his brother's arrest.

According to reports, the investigation began following complaints from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which has been attempting to put an end to Internet music piracy, an act that has crippled the industry in recent years.

Leading up to Wilcox's arrest, investigators followed a 1995 Ford Explorer, registered under his name, to a residence in Mount Vernon, N.Y., where he was believed to be buying recordable CDs and DVDs. While Wilcox brushed off the reports as "completely bogus," he is believed to have sold several CDs for as little as $5, under titles like 'Hard Knock Life,' 'Red Apples Falling' and 'R&B Jump Off 50.'

Wilcox and Sabato face possession charges for housing more than 100 unauthorized recordings. If convicted both brothers face up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. They are due back in court June 20.