Imagine Rihanna leading a circus as a ringmaster or Jay Z teaching a dance class. Sounds a little crazy, right? While activities like this aren't the norm for these superstars, it doesn't mean they wouldn't be up to the challenge. That's the premise of Heineken's series of "social experiments,' in which the focus is getting people out of their comfort zone and involved in some extraordinary things.

'The Guest of Honor' highlights just that. Unsuspecting people attend a play at The McKittrick Hotel in New York City but little do they know they're not just there to watch. They're the star of the show. Men and women get thrown into the spotlight for an evening of unexpected challenges. From tattooing a creepy-looking man to doing stand-up comedy, they take the stage with no clue of what's to come.

Watch what happens as Heineken Presents 'The Guest of Honor' above.