Video game and rap nerds can rejoice together today. Not only is there a new 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' video trailer, but it just so happens to feature Eminem explosive new single, 'Survival.'

Any Eminem fans hoping for that Slim Shady-esque approach might be a little turned off by the glossy-ish, stadium-ready sound, especially once they hear Liz Rodrigues' anthemic hook. But thanks to DJ Khalil's production and Em's hungry delivery, 'Survival' retains a grimy quality throughout. The only problem? All the explosions and gunshots in this video trailer.

A video for the track is due out soon and it's been rumored that the Detroit rapper will release a new album this year. It's more than three years since he dropped his previous full-length, Recovery.

You can watch the video below.