Queensbridge hip-hop is about to have its own supergroup. Mobb Deep's Havoc has revealed details that the Infamous and Nas are going to create a collaborative project.

"We're gonna do a Mobb Deep and Nas album," Havoc told HipHopDX. "It hasn't begun but we tipped the iceberg a little bit with the 'Dog S---.' I think as we was working, doing songs back and forth with Nas recently, I think it was just a mutual thought, like, 'Yo, let's make a f---ing album.' Everybody was like, 'Yeah, that would be dope. F--- it, what we waiting for? Let's do it.'"

Mobb Deep's 'Dog S---' featuring Nas hit the Internet shortly after Havoc's partner-in-rhyme Prodigy's release from prison. It had been over a decade since the two sides last created a song together -- 'It's Mine' from Mobb Deep's 1999 album, 'Murda Muzik.' But, upon his release, Prodigy sought out Nas to squash their longtime rift.

All three Queens rap legends will be spending time together over the summer as part of the star-studded Rock the Bells Festival. Amongst a lineup that includes Lauryn Hill, Nas will also be performing his 'Illmatic' debut in its entirety, while Mobb Deep will be performing their sophomore opus 'The Infamous' in its entirety.

"We really wanted to perform something that got us to where we are today," said Havoc. "We wanted people to experience what we went through at that time while making it. We want the whole crowd to experience what we went through so they can be like, 'Wow, that's why they're here now.'"

Listen to Nas & Mobb Deep's 'Dog S---'