Some recognize Tevin Campbell from a Wu-Tang Clan lyric ("The vandal, too hot to handle / You battle, you're sayin' goodbye like Tevin Campbell"). Others know him as one of the biggest teen heartthrobs to rise from the New Jack Swing era. Campbell turns turns 39 years old today (Nov. 12).

Picture how hard it must've been to escape Campbell through the early '90s. He eclipsed many of his peers' careers before he even reached the drinking age. "I'm Ready" is a classic and "Tell Me What You Want Me to Do" might be one of the best songs ever made by a 15-year-old (today also happens to be the 24th anniversary of that single).

Campbell had two platinum albums -- T.E.V.I.N. and I'm Ready -- before adulthood robbed him of his commercial appeal. He had his run as an actor before that happened. Campbell guest-starred on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, appeared on Prince's Purple Rain and voiced Powerline on the underrated Disney classic, A Goofy Movie.

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