Yankees owner George Steinbrenner passed away this morning following a severe heart attack at the age of 80. The memorable businessman -- known for always getting a deal done, his unwavering patriotism and lofty demands of winning a World Series every year -- has long been an inspiration to hip-hop fans. Nicknamed "The Boss" before Rick Ross was even born, Steinbrenner really knew what it was like to live on top of the world and answer to nobody.

For Talib Kweli, the owners passing represents "The end of an era for NY and baseball," while Raekwon was merely surprised by the news and expressed his gratitude to The Boss: "Wow rip to the great Yankee owner," he wrote.

Ja Rule
remarked on how Steinbrenner's 40-year Yankees legacy looms so large that he could never be forgotten. "RIP to the greatest owner in sports," he wrote. "You will be missed. Pinstripes will never look the same!!!" While G-Unit member Tony Yayo tweeted, "RIP George Steinbrenner. Shout out to the Yankees."

Perhaps the most positive view was taken by television personality and journalist Toure. He thinks that Steinbrenner went out at the right time. The Yankees are defending World Series champions and currently have the best record in baseball at the mid-season point. "Good for George to go out seeing the Yanks as the best team in baseball," Toure said. "The reigning champs have the best record at the all-star break."