Yet another officer allegedly involved in the death of Freddie Gray has been found not guilty.

CNN reports that Baltimore Police Lt. Brian Rice was found not guilty today (July 18) on all charges tied to the death of the 25 year-old Baltimore man, who died after sustaining spinal injuries during a "rough ride" in a police van. Rice was the highest ranking officer to stand trial over Gray's death. He'd been charged with involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office. Judge Barry Williams issued the ruling. Prosecutors had said Rice was most responsible of the six officers charged.

So far, none of the officers accused of allegedly contributing to the death of Gray have been convicted. Earlier this year, officers Edward Nero and Caesar Goodson Jr. were acquitted on all charges in bench trials. The trial of officer William Porter ended in a mistrial in December after a jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict on any of the four charges against him, reports CNN.

Gray's death sparked protests in Baltimore and around the country last year. According to the Baltimore Sun, Officer Garrett Miller is scheduled to go to trial next, on July 27. Officer Porter is scheduled to be retried on Sept. 6. And Sgt. Alicia White, is scheduled to go to trial Oct. 13. All of the officers have pleaded not guilty.