When XXL released its always-controversial Freshmen 10 list, Jae Millz, a rapper that's part of Lil Wayne's Young Money crew, voiced his displeasure for his exclusion. He also argued that Vado, Cam'ron's current protégé, deserved a spot. This caused a bit of a stir because he seemed outright dismissive of many rappers that actually made the list. As is with hip-hop, this started the usual beef, with Pill, one of the emerging rappers to make XXL's 2010 Freshmen 10 cut, calling Millz a homosexual and insinuating that he's basically just a Wayne groupie. Now, another 2010 Freshmen 10 pick, Freddie Gibbs, is taking a jab at Millz, responding in a vicious freestyle for Vlad TV.

"Keep a fully automatic and a .45," Gibbs rapped without a beat. "I never worry about a n---- when I'm at the crib/ Wanna hit me with the steel, you know where I live/ Bring it to my front door if you real, these h--- don't want it with the kid/ Can't let one of y'all b---- n----s check it/ Give a f--- about a motherf----er talking reckless/ When you send me a shot, I'll get the message/ And ain't nobody in my hood listening to Jae Millz/ Not at all."

The freestyle was something of a reversal for Gibbs. When asked in March for his thoughts on Millz comments towards the Freshmen 10, he claimed that he had never met Millz, but didn't think Millz disses were directed towards him. "I don't know jae millz never met him," wrote Gibbs on Twitter in late March. "Never had a conversation. I didn't address it cuz I didn't feel like he was talkin to me."

Check out Gibbs' freestyle after the jump.

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