'Portlandia' might be the last thing we think of when it comes to hip-hop. However, the show's two stars -- Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen -- go through the history of hip-hop, which is one of the funnier lessons we've ever seen on the genre.

Brownstein teaches Armisen about all things rap, which he is completely clueless about on the most recent episode. During this scene, he asks, "What's a Suge Knight?" and makes a guess that ODB stands for "Old Dirty Black Man."

When he explains the East Coast and West Coast rivalry, Armisen pins Queen Latifah with 2 Live Crew. "They're too, they're just cursing so much. And then the Fat Boys are like, 'We're kind of the fattest boys around.' Then Notorious B.I.G.'s like 'I'm a little bit fatter," he reveals.

The laughs continue as we watch him go through a number of mixed CDs and he shares that there's just too much cursing going on. Then he finally thinks he understands hip-hop. The two go to a rap show where the MC ends up picking Armisen to come up on stage and talk about his most memorable moment in hip-hop. And in his most Brooklyn accent, Armisen exclaims, "New York City, 1977."

The crowd roars, and we can't help but applaud him, too. A for effort, Mr. Armisen.

'Portlandia' airs on IFC on Thursdays at 10PM EST.