It looks like Frank Ocean is totally down with the childhood-taught concept that "sharing is caring" when it comes to collaborations. He is set to appear on the new album from John Mayer, who contributed to the Odd Future crooner's retail debut, 'Channel Orange.'

According to Rolling Stone, Ocean will make an appearance on a track called 'Wildfire,' though he's not the only guest on Mayer's latest full-length, 'Paradise Valley.' The album is due out Aug. 20.

Perhaps even more intriguing is the fact that the singer-songwriter's sometimes-girlfriend, pop star Katy Perry, is featured on a tune by the name of 'Who You Love.'

Mayer's work on 'Channel Orange' included guitar work on single 'Pyramids' and woozy instrumental 'White.' You can listen to 'Pyramids' below.

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