With a title like "Bad Religion," it's no surprise Frank Ocean had a church organ commence his performance of the track on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" Monday night (July 10).

Wearing his signature red-and-white bandana and a white T-shirt covered by a maroon-and-black coat, the Odd Future affiliate made his first televised showcase of the song, which appears on his Def Jam debut LP, Channel Orange.

"Taxi driver, be my shrink for the hour/ Leave the meter running, it's rush hour/ So take the streets if you wanna/ Just outrun the demons, could you," he crooned onstage.

He went on to sing of an unrequited love, possibly the same romance he revealed last week, when he opened up about his sexuality and admitted his first love was a man.

Ocean's first album was originally set to premiere on July 17, however, news quickly spread Monday evening that the 24-year-old New Orleans native would in fact release the project via iTunes. When "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" aired, Fallon himself made the official announcement, stating Channel Orange was immediately available on iTunes, one week ahead of schedule.

Witness Frank Ocean's stellar "Bad Religion" performance below. Listen to Channel Orange in its entirety here.

Watch Frank Ocean Perform "Bad Religion" on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"

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