Imagine the feeling of not only having your own Nike sneaker but also being able to dial up collaborations with creative legend Hiroshi Fujiwara's fragment design as well. Well Kevin Durant doesn't have to imagine and as you can see from these images he's living out all of our dreams.

Fujiwara's touch is subtle on this pair that pits tan suede against a lime lining with white accents. The embossed logo on the heel and perforated swoosh really stand out in the mix as well and that 360 air bubble doesn't only suggest comfort, it screams it.

Will you be able to get your hands on a pair? Good question and unfortunately we don't have the answer Sway. We do have a few images however and if nothing else let it serve as motivation to live a dream or two. Maybe you'll end up with your own sneaker someday.


[Via Nikeblog]