Foxy Brown and AZ

Brooklyn rappers and former groupmates Foxy Brown and AZ have announced plans to reunite in New York City next week, performing onstage together for the first time in years. The setting for the occasion will be the release party for the Ray J action flick 'Envy,' at the city's urban venue S.O.B.'s on Thursday, Dec. 10.

Brown and AZ comprised half of The Firm, along with Nas and Cormega Nature. The hip-hop supergroup debuted with 'Affirmative Action' on Nas' sophomore release, 'It Was Written' and later signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records where they released the Dre and Trackmasters-produced full-length 'The Album' in 1997. 'The Album' appeared to much fanfare and buzz around singles 'Firm Biz' and 'Phone Tap,' but it sold poorly and the group disbanded shortly after releasing the album. Though it went gold, 'The Album' has been deemed a commercial failure. The members of the Firm last appeared together onstage with Nas in 2006, performing 'Affirmative Action.'

DJ Absolut and some surprise guests are scheduled to perform alongside Brown and AZ at the S.O.B. show, but no confirmation yet as to whom the special guests at the Dec. 10 event will be.

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