After collaborating with Chris Brown on the beach-themed video for his single 'Another Round,' diminishing rapper Fat Joe has weighed in on the the controversial crooner, whom he referred to as "the guy Beyonce."

"You know, that guy, he's like the 'guy Beyonce'," Joe joked, in an interview with MTV last week.

While Joe has shed almost a third of his body weight over the past six months, according to the Terror Squad MC, it's still Breezy that's the "sex symbol," inspiring women to "bug out."

"When Beyonce takes it off and she's dancing in the corn field, all the guys is tuned in like 'Yo yo yo yo, she took it off,' right?'" Joe continued, laughing. "This guy takes his shirt off -- I played it for a couple of chicks before we released it and they just start goin' crazy and buggin' out like, 'Oh my God, yo!' You know, he's a sex symbol."

Joe is currently working on the follow-up to 2010's 'The Darkside Vol. 1.' His latest mixtape, 'The Darkside Vol. II,' had supporting visuals for 'Welcome to the Darkside' featuring French Montana.

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