Although Janet Jackson won’t be performing at the Super Bowl LII Halftime Show, that doesn’t mean we can’t honor the pop icon. On Feb. 4, fans have designated it Janet Jackson Appreciation Day.

Filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry kickstarted the idea of honoring Janet Jackson in light of the NFL supposedly banning Janet but invited Justin Timberlake back to perform at this year's Super Bowl in Minneapolis. Also, it was on this day, Feb. 4, 1986, that Janet released her breakthrough album, Control.

Interestingly enough, Janet Jackson has a Minneapolis connection with hometown music icons Jimmy Jam and Terris Lewis producing the bulk of the singer's iconic albums, including Control and Rhythm Nation 1814.

At noon, fans went on Twitter to honor Janet and her indelible musical legacy. Some people posted their favorite songs, videos and iconic moments they could remember from Ms. Jackson.

Janet Jackson Appreciation Day is certainly a holiday were are here for.

Check out more fan reactions to Janet Jackson Appreciation Day below.

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