After recent news that Tru Life, real name Robert Rosado, received an eight-year sentence on the conviction of killing one man and stabbing another, the victim's family has spoken out against the punishment, saying it's far too light.

Rosado acted in cooperation with his brother Marcus, and both apologized to the family of victim Christopher Guerrero. They claim that Guerrero, who was stabbed in the abdomen while another bystander suffered a cut artery, was an unintended target of a post-nightclub fight. Guerrero's family claimed that he was utterly defenseless against the attack and any excuse is unacceptable.

"Christopher, who was unarmed and defenseless, was attacked," said Jason Ramirez, the victim's brother, to the Associated Press. "We believe the system has failed us."

As Ramirez sees it, both Rosado brothers deserved much longer sentences for using a weapon to attack a man with no means of self defense. He feels that their celebrity and high-priced lawyers helped lessen their punishment and that any apologies from their end were mere manipulation tactics to make their stays in prison shorter.

"We will never be able to erase the image of him trying to fight off his attackers with his bare hands while daggers were thrust upon him," said Ramirez during formal sentencing at Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday (March 16).

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