UK darling Estelle is expressing gratitude on 'Thank You,' the second single from her third album, 'All of Me.'

The 31-year-old R&B crooner opens up on the soulful ballad, which was written by Akon and produced by Jerry Wonda, who molded the sound of the Fugees famed hit 'Killing Me Softly.' But Estelle's not necessarily giving thanks for a happy cause -- she's been heartbroken, however, she's appreciative of the learning experience.

"Sometimes I wonder, do you/ Even recognize the woman that's standing in front of you/ Sometimes I wonder, do you/ Even care or realize why I took care of you/ 'Cause you're my heart, you are my soul/ You're my other half, without you I cannot be whole, baby."

The emotional song will appear on 'All of Me,' along with her Rick Ross-assisted 'Break My Heart.'