Jason Kempin, Getty Images

EPMD member Erick Sermon is voicing his opinion on the topic of homophobia in hip-hop, however, his words may offend supporters of the gay community and those who are openly gay.

The rapper-producer, who was once at the center of talks that he was gay himself but has since denied, was questioned by VLADTV if he felt an openly gay rapper would exist in hip-hop. Sermon responded with a "No," and went on to explain his sentiments.

"When you talk about sports players, too, like we don't know if that's ever gonna happen 'cause that's like a curse to be in the sports and be gay and be in hip-hop and be gay," Sermon stated. "You can't be on a basketball team, football team and be homo, and be rapping... and be homo. N----s will kill you."

The Long Island, N.Y. native also said he had never worked with a gay rapper, to his knowledge, and addressed how he "can't even let my kid" watch TV shows on channels like MTV due to the exposure to "girl-on-girl" or "boy-on-boy" experiences.


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