Eric Biddines is an indie MC who’s making a name for himself with his thought-provoking rhymes and inspirational music. In his new video for 'Railroads Down/Unfinished,' the Florida rhymer presents a metaphorical visual with a slavery theme.

Directed by Dre Fims collaborator Ryan Snyder, the clip takes its cues from ’12 Years a Slave’ as Biddines plays a runaway slave who gets capture by his owner. Then he’s hog-tied and whipped in front of the other slaves.

According to Biddines, he’s using the slavery narrative to metaphorically explain his struggles in the music business as an independent artist.

"This is the metaphor I use throughout the song and video to show the struggles of my time so far in the music business," Biddines explains. "I'm truly inspired by anyone with their back against the wall, anyone who has been in a situation where they had to accept the environment they were placed in and not be able to fight their way out."

"We are all trains with powerful engines on a Journey to our next destination," he continues. "And it's up to us to lay the railroads down in a way that would lead us to freedom."

Watch his powerful visual of courage and determination.

Eric Biddines' new album, 'planetcoffeebean 2,' is available on iTunes now.