The Empire season finale was a lot.

Andre's sedated while doctors are trying to rid his system of the psychotropic drugs Diana DuBois put in his system. Hakeem is still fighting to get Bella back; Jamal is conflicted about Warren; Cookie's on a war path; Lucious wants revenge; and everyone's hit with a twist that no one saw coming.

The episode begins with Andre whispering for his "Pops" while dreaming he's on stage singing at a private event. Lucious is sitting next to him in the hospital, listening to his son's plea but doesn't know if Andre consciously knows he's sitting there. Hoping he's listening, he tells him, "I'm your daddy and I'm back, which means that the people that did this to my boy are gonna pay dearly... bloody soul for bloody soul."

Diana is ready for war with the Lyons, so she's hired as much back up as possible because she's preparing for the biggest social event of her life— the Captain's Ball. She's made sure all staff, servers and bathroom attendants have been vetted and cleared of all security and mandated background screenings. But there's one group of people she forgot to research before hiring— the orchestra hired to perform during the ball.

Cookie is working with Thirsty on a plan to infiltrate the Captain's Ball and take down the DuBois matriarch. (If this sounds like a soap opera that's because it is one). Lucious chimes in, and tells Cookie the music will get them inside the event. At first she thinks he's having another one of his crazy Dwight moments, but quickly realizes he may have a point.

The family plots a hostile takeover and uses the unchecked orchestra as Jamal and Hakeem's way into Diana's elite event. But before doing so, Lucious and Cookie draft a confession about all the DuBois family's wrongdoings, and beat Angelo until he agrees to sign it and walk them into the ball since they're on a strict do-not-allow list.

Ultimately, Angelo escorts music's cut-throat Bonnie and Clyde inside the DuBois' social event of the season with a bruised and bloody face and red-stained clothes. Cookie and Lucious trail behind Angelo as they take center stage on the dance floor for a well-choreographed ballroom number. While everyone is standing around confused about what's going on, Cookie takes the mic off the stage on breaks into an aggressive monologue, exposing Diana DuBois and all of her family's wrongdoings. But they couldn't have done it without Warren's help.

Though he's still bruised and battered and currently visually impaired, Warren musters up the strength to go to Jamal's apartment and make things right. Knowing security wouldn't willingly let him in the building, Warren brought the $10,000 his aunt paid him to keep his mouth shut as a payment to get to Jamal's front door. At first, Jamal doesn't want to hear anything, but when he hears Warren has information about what the DuBois family plans to do next—and details about what they've done—Jamal has a change of heart and asks him to share everything he knows.

Angelo loses his mind when he finds out Warren betrayed his family, and goes on a mission to find out where he's been hiding. Eventually, he tracks him down at a local motel and pulls out a gun to kill him. Jamal walks in moments later and tries to talk Angelo down, but he doesn't listen and winds up shooting Warren in the shoulder. As a result, a fight breaks out between Jamal and Angelo, and well, Angelo gets shot in the stomach and dies moments later.

While Jamal is confronting Angelo, Hakeem pays a visit to Anika to take Bella back for good. He demands that Anika sign over her rights or he'll turn her into the police as an accessory to kidnapping (because she knew where Diana DuBois was hiding Bella when they pretended she was kidnapped). Anika begrudgingly agrees to sign the paperwork, and begs Hakeem not to keep Bella away from her. Surprisingly, Hakeem tells her that he knows exactly what it's like to grow up without a mother and he would never do that to his child.

Before the credits roll, Shine pays Andre a visit in the hospital. Lucious walks in and asks Shine how he found his son. Though Shine gives a plausible but cryptic response, Lucious knows something's up. After Shine leaves, Andre starts whispering to his father, "The bomb...I tried to kill you, Pop." Lucious is speechless.

Before going on official hiatus, Eddie finds out he's broke and tells his ex-wife "he's got some ideas," which means there's a new villain in town.

Oh, and Becky's pregnant?!

Winter premiere, get ready.


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