After taking a two-week hiatus for the World Series, Empire returned with another fast-paced episode full of shocking developments.

Now that Anika's served Hakeem with custody papers, the young Lyon is doing everything he can to make sure he doesn't lose his daughter. Tiana explains her relationship with Bella, Hakeem explains why Anika shouldn't have her and Cookie thinks he's a "damn fool" for creating this mess in the first place.

Hakeem's high-paid custody lawyer says he's got nothing worry about as long as Keem's told him everything he needs to know about the Lyon's twisted family dynamic. Though his attorney says he has nothing to worry about, Hakeem tries to help ameliorate his situation by paying a visit to Diana DuBois. Unfortunately, she's not available, but Angelo is always ready to talk business. He taunts Keem about getting served and asks how he'll feel when his daughter starts calling another man "daddy." Keem goes into defense mode, and naturally, punches Angelo in the face. Angelo reminds Hakeem that judges frown upon angry, aggressive Black fathers, calls him an idiot, then tells him he'll see him in court.

When Hakeem gets mad, he stops thinking clearly. In this case, he starts packing up his things and making calls to get himself and Bella safely to Cuba - where he can't be extradited back to the United States for Anika to have custody of their daughter. He lines up passports, a place to stay and money to use once they hit the ground. But he can't go without asking Tiana to go with him. Of course, she says, "Yes." But instead of packing her things to go with him, Tiana reaches out to Cookie for help.

Cookie reminds Hakeem that Lyons are resilient, and that her family sticks together. And just like he's looking to protect Bella, Cookie is looking to protect him.

While Hakeem is busy running around trying to secure his future as a father, TMZ reports Lucious has "post traumatic amnesia" and he's been hiding it for months. Like a bawse, Cookie jumps in front of the situation. Empire's board members and stakeholders want answers, and Cookie assures them he's okay by arranging a 48-hour, invite-only press day. What do they cover? Lucious' musical genius at work, giving feedback and producing remixes of his No. 1 hits for Empire's 20-for-20 campaign.

Dwight channels what he knows about Lucious to help convince the board that he's in good health, and that Cookie's plan for damage is a good idea. Nurse Claudia watches Dwight transform into Lucious and quickly grows concerned. But as we've learned, Nurse Claudia is a little too invested in Dwight's well being.

Before Cookie storms in to inform Dwight about the TMZ, he's talking to Claudia about what happened while visiting his infamous lion statue in Philly. She apologizes for being unethical, but it isn't until Dwight fully reconnects with his music through painting that we learn about the zone he falls into when creating music. It turns out Dwight thought he was talking to Cookie when he asked "will you come with me?" at the feet of the lion. Nurse Claudia is so mesmerized by Dwight that she can't see what's really going on.

During press day, Lucious visits several Empire artists in the studio. He, along with Cookie and Becky, listen to Lucious' remixed songs. When he listens to Veronica (V) sing her song, he sees tranquil colors like blue and green. He starts remembering what music does for him, and jumps in to give feedback on how to make her song better. When he sits with Shine to hear his remixed project, he sees nothing but red, says the song is "angry with no purpose" and tells Shine to create something better.

Though Empire's board members are impressed with Lucious' day with the media, they aren't sold that Cookie is a good fit to run the company. They tell her they want to bring someone in from the outside to help manage things. But Cookie's one to always keep it in the family. She tells the board Lucious' good friend Eddie Barker - also known as a legend and super producer - will step in to keep the Lyon's den afloat. The board obliges with Cookie's suggestion and welcomes Eddie to Empire as its special advisor to the CEO.

Now that Lucious has reconnected with the music, he stays up all night and starts painting all the music in his head. Nurse Claudia is there by his side, helping him create art. She sits behind him and places her hands over his as he puts color to canvas. While in his zone, Lucious begins to see Nurse Claudia as Cookie. He tells her how in love he is with her and calls her his muse. Then, they sleep together. Nurse Claudia thinks Lucious has fallen for her. Unfortunately, he corrects her line of thinking the next morning when she tells him she loves him too and is happy to be his muse. His response, "You're not my muse. Cookie's my muse."

(Did anyone else feel like they were watching were watching a remake of Ghost?)

Lucious thanks Nurse Claudia for all her help, then tells her it's time to go. Cookie walks in on the conversation and asks what's going on. Lucious tells her Nurse Claudia's services are no longer needed, and Cookie tells security and Ms. Juanita to help her pack her bags and find somewhere else to go.

Nurse Claudia is heartbroken and confused, so we know this isn't the end of her story.

Meanwhile, Jamal is so blinded by love that he doesn't blink an eye when he runs into Angelo on the street and hears that Warren is responsible for leaking information about Lucious' TBI to TMZ. Andre is still sleeping with Detective Rose, and she's still investigating him as a suspect in his Lucious' explosion. He confronts Shine about talking to the police after Detective Rose tells him that Shine is pointing fingers in his direction. Shine says he has never and will never talk to the police. So why did Detective Rose lie?

Clearly, there's a lot going on, but the important thing is Lucious is back!

Watch the Trailer for Empire Season Four, Episode Six:

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