U.K. radio legend Tim Westwood digged in the crates and discovered a vintage freestyle from Eminem during the Slim Shady era. For Throwback Thursday (April 28), the British DJ unveiled the 25-minute freestyle session featuring Em and a few members of his D-12 crew.

The audio features verses from Swifty McVa and Stat Quo as well as bars from the late Proof -- he passed away just two years later in 2006. Stat Quo kicks it off on, then passed the torch to Em at the 2:43 minute mark, just in time for the beat to switch up to Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams’ classic dance song “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

“Y’all gonna stand there and act like you don’t understand it,” Em rhymes off the top. “Like my name is Janet / My titty fell out and I ain’t plan it.”

Punchlines were never an issue for Marshall. The rhyme-spitters continue to take turns for a full 25 minutes. For Em, no topic was off limits. On his final time on the mic, Slim Shady continues to have fun with his peers in music as he mention’s Bobby, Whitney and 50 Cent.

“I’m a little too nuts for Britney,” he raps. “A little too nuts for Whitney / Tell you the truth, yo, Bobby would probably get me / Catch me in a lobby after he just hit me / After he sniffed three lines, he’d probably knock out 50.”

If you liked that. Check out the 1999 freestyle session featuring Proof and Em, which Tim Westwood released as a Throwback Thursday back in February.

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