Eminem is hitting the guest features hard for his 'Relapse' follow-up, 'Recovery.' The new track 'Won't Back Down' has hit the Web, thanks to the folks over at RapRadar.com, pairing the Detroit MC with Pink. The rock-tinged, DJ Khalil-produced track clocks in at just over four minutes, and stays true to Em's brash 'Recovery' theme.

"Need I remind you, that I don't need the f---ing swine flu/ To be a sick pig/You're addicted on dope /I'm the longest needle around here/ Need a fix up?/ I'm a big shot," he raps. Em further purges his lady troubles, but despite the anger in his delivery, remains creative, fading out the lyrics mid-rant and coming in with " ... Turn me back up/ Are you insane?/Trying to talk over me in the car/ Shut the f--- up /While my sh--s playing."

But his masterful lyricism is at its best at the end, where he gets literally dirty. "I'm a s--- stain on the underwear of life/ What's the saying? Where there is thunder there is light/ And then the next thing that it never strikes twice, in the same place/ Then how the f--- have I been hit six times in three different locations, on four separate occasions?/ And you can bet your stankin' a-- that I've come to smash everything in my path ... So hit the dance floor cutie, while I do my duty on this microphone/ Shake your booty, Shorty/ I'm the s---/ Why you think Proof use to call me Doody?"

No, Eminem shows no signs of backing down anytime soon. With the album's lead single 'Not Afraid' debuting at Number One on the Billboard Hot 100 already, and guest spots from Rihanna and Lil Wayne, expect 'Recovery' to dominate the charts when it's released June 22 via Interscope.

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