When Eminem leaves his home and hits the road, he wants to sleep as comfortably as possible in hotel rooms. The Detroit native requests that hotel staff block light from the windows in his room by placing tin foil over the glass. The Sun Newspaper reports that Marshal Mathers requires such an unusual act in order for him to get optimal sleep.

In addition to tin foil-covered windows in his hotel room, the 39-year-old "Not Afraid" creator also puts white noise on speakers to muffle ambient sounds. "The noise and darkness gets Eminem the best night's sleep," a source told The Sun.

For a man who's raked in tons of cash by selling more than 90 million albums worldwide, it's no surprise he enjoys spending a little extra on having peace of mind. While touring, he's been known to rent entire hotel floors and use private elevators.

Last year, the rhymer requested a wooden pond filled with colorful koi carp fish as part of his backstage rider. Costing anywhere from $300 to $900, he apparently watched the fish swim to keep calm.

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