Eminem and Just Blaze

Eminem is preparing to release his second highly anticipated release for the year, 'Relapse 2,' and judging from the production lineup, it may be one of his best.

Thematically, Em explained that the album is more more "emotionally driven" than the first 'Relapse.' "The last record I made, I think I was concentrating more on spitting. On this album, I feel like there's some of that, but I went back to songs with [feelings] to them as opposed to just rap records."

To that end, Detroit's great white hope has secured sizeable amount of production help from someone outside of the Aftermath camp -- Just Blaze.

Just has been fairly quiet for the past couple of years, aside from the occasional smash hit i.e. T.I.'s "Live Your Life." He was absent from both Jay-Z and Fabolous' records, two artists he's worked consistently since he made his name on Jay's 'Blueprint' album, alongside Kanye West.

Just discussed his relationship with Em in a recent interview, saying, "We are working on 'Relapse 2' pretty heavily. As of yesterday,we've done about six or seven records. I go back in with him in a couple of weeks and do three or four more maybe. I've been quietly goin' back forth from New York to Detroit the past two months, just gettin' a feel for it and gettin' a feel for working with each other. He hasn't worked with too many people outside his camp. I haven't worked with him before. We got a good working relationship now, a good friendship now, so the records is comin' out good."

We haven't been this interested in hearing an Eminem record since 2000. Hopefully 'Relapse 2' actually receives a 2009 release date.