In honor of Shady Records 2.0, label head Eminem lends his vocal support to recent signees Yelawolf and rap supergroup Slaughterhouse on the new posse cut '2.0 Boys.' Over the Will-Power, K.P. and Eminem produced beat, the Shady team take turns bigging each other up with rapid-fire delivery, and standout verses by Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden and Yelawolf.

"Guard your jewels and avoid large tools/ 'Cause after I spill you at the light, you be in a car pool," raps Budden. "Keep your distance from idiots, 'cause the truth told/ They food for thought's rotten, they gems are fool's gold/ Need results from my actions, mistakes I'll exonerate/ I'm Martin King starin' at a picture of Obama's face."

"[...] We don't plan on comin' weak," Yelawolf told The BoomBox last month of the partnership. "I'm comin' out hard." And indeed he does on '2.0 Boys.' For his part on the 5-minute rap relay, the 'Bama boy aggressively channels vintage Slim Shady. "I s--- logs and I piss river brown/ 'Cause I drink creek water and spit the river Nile/ And that's as close as I get to a pyramid/ S---, they think I'm Illuminati, so f---in' ignorant," Yelawolf raps. "B----, I'm on a trapeze with no legs in the dark/ Yellin' 'Go Shady!' Drivin' slower than an old lady/ In an old '89."

Both Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf were signed to Shady Records this past January, and appeared on the March cover of XXL magazine with their boss. Meanwhile, Yela is headlining the Highline Ballroom in NYC Tuesday. Click here for tix.

Listen to '2.0 Boys'

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