If you're one of the folks who were upset last week when Eminem used audio effects during his performance of “Kill You” at Bonnaroo, which caused several concertgoers to think they were hearing live gunshots, don't expect him to change anything up.

While some fans went on Twitter to criticize Em's use of the effect in a society that's so riddled by random gun violence and mass shootings, his manager, Peter Rosenberg, says the Detroit rapper has been using the sound for a decade.

“He has used this effect — as have hundreds of other artists — in his live show for over 10 years, including previous U.S. festival dates, without complaint,” Rosenberg said.

Then at Em's Firefly Festival performance this weekend in Dover, Delaware, this message appeared on stage screens prior to the show: “If you are easily frightened by loud noises or offended by explicit lyrics you shouldn’t be here."

Eminem made headlines back in March for his stance on gun control, singling out the NRA when he performed "Nowhere Fast" with Kehlani from his most recent album, Revival. The performance took place shortly after the Parkland shooting, and Eminem, who's never one to hold his tongue, added an extra verse to the song.
"This whole country is going nuts/ And the NRA is in our way/ They’re responsible for this whole production/ They hold the strings, they control the puppet," he rapped.
As far as his performances go, he'll soon leave the states to go on tour in Europe on June 30—we'll have to see if fans across the pond have the same criticism about his set.

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