The sneak peek of Eminem's 'Rap God' video showed fans he was going the pop culture route -- although this one may feel a bit more esoteric if the viewer isn't up on the '90s references. The rapper stars as sci-fi host Max Headroom, but that's not the only role that's prevalent in the visual, which premiered today.

Em walks through portals and sleeps while being hooked up to wires in a room (a la 'The Matrix') -- all this happens as clips from the pop culture references in the song play on television screens. There's even a throwback picture of Busta Rhymes that appears.

Of course, the video couldn't end without the interpretation of Marshall Mathers as a literal "rap god" -- this happens during the rapid fire delivery sequence in the third verse. The Detroit native levitates and astounds spectators, telepathically moving the television screens in the room.

Next up, the MC will debut a video with Rihanna for 'The Monster,' off the platinum-selling 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2.'