Just one week after waging a lyrical war on Mariah Carey, rapper Eminem is refuting rumors of having beef with Soulja Boy Tell Em. The Detroit rapper nixed claims that he recorded the dis track 'Die Already,' stating that the song is fake.

The song, which hit the net this week, sounds eerily similar to Em's rap style playing on his knack for spitting abrasive content against his competitors. "Wouldn't buy your CD for half price on eBay," the song says. "The beats are the reasons that's keeping your songs on replay...I'm not a bad person/You just suck like a BJ/Fix your brows up Soulja Girl, you need tape?/Matter fact, use some glue/Glue your mouth shut and dance/Dance 'til you can't stand steady/Dance 'til your fans get past this hype frenzy."

Em also noticed the similarities in the imposter's voice. "Wow, whoever made 'Die Already' really does sound like me," he wrote via his Twitter page. "But it ain't."

A song that is unmistakably Em's is 'The Warning,' a freestyle released in response to Carey's 'Obsessed.' In the sexually explicit song, Em threatens to release photos as proof a sexual encounter between the two. The songbird denies having any form of a relationship with Em.

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