Eminem has been releasing some stylistic videos from his latest album Revival. But his next visual will probably be his most bloodiest judging by the trailer.

On Wednesday (March 28), Em posted a teaser for his next video “Framed.” The song is considered a fan favorite on the album, as Em resurrects his diabolical alter ego Slim Shady and goes on a killing spree.

In the trailer above, a news reporter is reporting live outside from the scene of where Eminem is holed up at a mansion after escaping from an asylum. The clip speeds through different images of blood, guts and gore, as it appears that the Detroit rhymer went on a bloody killing spree.

The caption, reads, “I was fraaaaaaamed," which alludes to the Fred Wreck-produced song where Eminem is being accused of murder. When the police interrogates him, the rapper tells them that he has been framed.

We don’t know if the video will follow in the same theme as the song, but expect lots of macabre imagery...and yes, there will be blood.

Em has released five songs from Revival: “Walk on Water (featuring Beyonce), "Untouchable," “River” (featuring Ed Sheeran), and "Nowhere Fast" (featuring Kehlani).

There's no word on when Eminem will drop his "Framed" video.

Listen to Eminem's "Framed"

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