Eminem has just dropped off the remix to "Chloraseptic" featuring Phresher and 2 Chainz.

The release comes after a wave of fan disappointment when it was revealed that 2 Chainz wasn't featured on Em's latest album, Revival, even though the Atlanta rapper had previously teased that they'd been in the studio together. However, now the remix has finally arrived, and Eminem is obviously upset about the lackluster reception his album has received.

"You just called my shit trash, thank God I rap better when the odds are stacked / ‘Revival’s wack, I don’t like that zombie track and when he’s talking that garbage psychotic crap / Where’s your content at? What’s with all the conscious rap? Pink, Beyonce this and Kehlani that’ / I just add it to the fuel of my rocket pack ’til I’m ready to respond and then I’ma launch it at ’em / Idiotic from the fucking embryonic sack to the body bag / I’ll be back and when I am I’ll be at your fucking throat like chloraseptic,” he raps on the track.

Lukewarm responses aside, Eminem's calendar is full this year, as he promotes the project. He'll headline at both the Governor's Ball alongside Travis Scott, and Coachella alongside The Weeknd and Beyoncé.

As for the new remix, you can take a listen to it here.

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