Eminem recently announced that he's back in the studio with longtime producer/mentor Dr. Dre, during an interview with Angela Yee on his Shade 45 satellite radio channel.

"I'm in the studio right now, still working," Em revealed. "I would just say I'm in the studio with Dre right now, I'll just say that. He's in the next room. There's nothing going on right now, but pretty soon he'll play a beat and I might rap to it."

Despite Em's cryptic explanation, it has been reported that the Detroit rapper is likely recording vocals for Dre's long-delayed album 'Detox.'

Though currently "taking a break" at the moment, this has been a busy year for Eminem, who successfully launched a comeback with his critically acclaimed album 'Recovery,' and has recently been announced as a surprise guest on albums by Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

Meanwhile, Em's Shade 45 channel will be celebrating its sixth anniversary on Saturday, Oct. 30. In honor of this event, Em will be appearing on Whoo Kid's show on Saturday at 5PM, along with Lloyd Banks, Tom Green and more.

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