Bad evildoers wear sneakers, too. Eminem and Royce da 5'9" haves teamed with Converse to create a limited edition version of the brand's classic All-Star model. In a video titled 'Bad Meets Evil Meets Converse,' the Detroit rappers talk about the shoe but not before discussing their recently released album as Bad Meets Evil, 'Hell: The Sequel.'

"If you a fan of real rappity rap, lyrical miracle spiritual, you should get this album," said Royce, the "bad" to Em's "evil," of their new album. "It's a lot of very good rapping on there."

Eminem then discussed how he enjoyed creating music with Royce, who he considers an equal on many levels. "We do think a lot alike," said Eminem. "Our styles are kind of similar but I think we rap about different s---. So a lot of times it would be I want to stop here, and see what he would say here, and he would do the same."

"We played with a whole lot of new flow patterns, too," added Nickel Nine. "Some of the flow patterns I never used before. A lot of them were me vibing off of him. I might do my own rendition of what I heard him doing flow wise, just the way the words land on the beat. It's a real complex and real fun thing to do. Especially since we're like nerds when it comes to the whole hip-hop thing."

As for the shoes, the Bad Meets Evil x Converse Chuck Taylor is black and white and features the group's branding throughout, including logos of Shady Records and skulls on the tongues and the Bad Meets Evil logo by the ankle. "I think that this is dope because Chuck Taylors are such an iconic sneaker," said Slim Shady. "It's cool to give something for the fans too; for them to get something exclusively."

Continued Em, "I couldn't afford Chucks when I was a kid. I was a little white trashy and didn't have much money growing up so I always wanted a pair, and now I have my own pair."

"I had a lot of pair, I loved Chucks," added Royce. "I used to hoop in these. Certain amount of the proceeds are going to charity, we're excited about that. This is great man. This is a good thing to be a part of. I'm wearing mines out."

The Bad Meets Evil x Converse Chuck Taylor were available beginning Thursday (June 16) in New York and Boston and were limited to only 100 pairs.

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