As the BoomBox recently reported, Eminem's publishing camp filed suit against German car manufacturer Audi for using a blatant, unauthorized rip of the rapper's 'Lose Yourself' in a recent ad.

The Detroit Free Press has now revealed that Audi has settled out of court with the famous Detroit MC and has agreed to "support the revitalization of Detroit by contributing to selected social projects."

During the 2011 Superbowl, Eminem was featured in a stirring commercial for Detroit car company Chrysler, to promote the Motor City's return to its automotive glory days. Though exact terms have not been specified, Eminem's publishing company, 8 Mile Style, expects Audi to throw its weight behind several Imported from Detroit charity projects.

Watch the Chrysler Ad Featuring Eminem

"Just like 'Imported from Detroit' helped benefit charities like the Marshall Mathers Foundation, we as Eminem's publisher can give back to Detroit," 8 Mile Style's Joel Martin tells DFP. "We're looking forward to working with Chrysler on several new 'Imported from Detroit' initiatives that will benefit the city of Detroit as well as charities within the city."

Though the city of Detroit, Chrysler and Eminem may have come out winners, they haven't spent any time rubbing it in Audi's face, as the car company is said to be fully complying.

"Audi has tremendous respect for Eminem and his works and likewise for the 'Imported from Detroit' campaign which was created by Chrysler," an 8 Mile Style press release states. "Certainly Audi would never wish to insult or harm those parties or their fans and customers."

Watch Audi's commercial below. Do you think it was inspired by the Eminem ad and song?

Watch the Audi A6 Avant Commercial

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