Eminem's glorious return to the top of the music charts this year, will be profiled on the upcoming October 10, episode of CBS's '60 Minutes.'

The first clips for the segment were recorded in July when news anchor, Anderson Cooper, made a trip to Em's Detroit hometown to compile footage for the interview. In addition to spending time in his recording studio, Eminem – real name, Marshall Mathers – will take viewers to a few local haunts from his pre-stardom days. Important stops will include: his teenage home and the local Burger King and Gilbert's Lodge restaurants where he worked as a teenager. Cooper's second trip to Detroit will find Eminem at the sound check for the first show of his Comerica Park Home and Home concert series with Jay-Z in September.

A bulk of the one-hour segment will feature sit-down time with the rapper, following the second set of Home and Home concerts at Yankee Stadium. The in-depth interview will focus on Eminem's initial rise to hip-hop fame, his recent battle with drug addiction and finally, his return to the top of industry. Em's recent chart-topping album 'Recovery' was released in June. The album has been certified double platinum -- racking up over 2.7 million sales – and cementing itself as the best-selling album of the year, to date.

Eminem's '60 Minutes' segment will air at 7PM on Sunday, October 10, on CBS.

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