In a recent interview, Sir Elton John discussed his relationship with so-called homophobe Eminem, who gave him a very handsome partnership gift. "For our civil partnership present [Eminem] gave David and me two diamond-encrusted c--k-rings." Cute. [UKTelegraph]

Just Blaze called out Joe Budden via Twitter earlier today, claiming the rapper used a beat of his without permission. Just later rescinded his accusations, tweeting that it was all a miscommunication. "We'sa good. he apologized for not handlin correctly and explained, i explained my spazz was bc i thought we was frandz. and life goes on. And as for the spazz. some feel it was justified, and i feel them, but i normally dont get down like that. however end of the day we're all human. SORRRYYY! Admit it though...u were entertained one way or another." Not really. We'sa good? [JustBlaze]