Eddie Huang has always been a fashionable guy. Aside from being an awesome chef, he’s been developing his brand in the fashion world. Last year, he teamed up with adidas for a cool sneaker collaboration. Now, he’s working in undergarments with his own line of underwear.

Huang has teamed up with MeUndies to launch his “Pandamonium” collection. The famed chef and author wants to celebrate self-identity and owning all of who you are, even if you are a husky guy like him. "I’m Asian, fat, and I’m short. These are like the three cardinal sins of being an underwear model,” jokes Huang who proudly owns it as the newest face (and body) of his underwear campaign (see below). The underwear itself is covered in Panda print because, well, everyone loves pandas.

MeUndies is a fairly new underwear brand that was created for comfort. As the company's mission statement reads: “MeUndies was created for you because we truly believe a pair of our underwear will change your life, make you bolder, and save you time and money.”

Now that he's the first-ever ambassador/underwear model for MeUndies, Huang wants to make sure that husky men (and women too!) be happy with their bodies while wearing his comfortable underwear.

"My balls feel fantastic," said Huang about his unmentionables.

The "Pandamonium" collection are available for both men and women in various sizes at Meundies.com.

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