West Coast underground trio Durag Dynasty has put out a music video for '360 Waves Part II,' the continuation of the title track off their last album.The video showcases two of the three members of the group, Planet Asia and TriState; the third member of Durag Dynasty, Killer Ben, appears to be incarcerated. When the video gets to Ben's verse, scenes of street violence and Adolf Hitler flash across the screen. The video also shows a scene of a police confrontation. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Louvre Museum in Paris also makes a brief cameo, as does the night sky.

The song itself showcases the raw rhyme skills of Planet Asia, TriState, and Killer Ben over a gutter synth-based Alchemist loop. The entire Durag Dynasty album was produced by Alchemist, one of three projects he has done in 2013 that will stand amongst the best releases of the year (the other two are 'Albert Einstein' by Prodigy and the 'Masterpiece Theater EP' with Willie The Kid). Alchemist does not make a cameo in this video, but check it out below.

And after you're done with that, you will definitely want to check out the predecessor, '360 Waves,' which featured hysterical cameos from Action Bronson, Evidence, and more.