Does it feel a little like '99 in here or is it just us? In this week's entry for the Swizz Beatz 'Monster Mondays' series, the super producer links up with DMX and Busta Rhymes, two of the most ferocious and energetic rappers to ever touch a microphone, for a new song entitled 'Ya'll Really Don't Know.'

The track, which originally leaked in abbreviated form last year, is pure vintage Swizz -- a true-to-form Ruff Ryders banger and something we haven't heard in awhile. Spiked with canned horn hits, rolling drums and melodic synth lines, DMX handles the hook and rips into a verse that could be considered his best in recent years. While no one would define the old DMX as clearheaded, he raps with a precision and fury that has been absent since his string of incarcerations over the past half-decade.

"Sky is the limit, so I'm reaching for the stars," X raps with trademark raspy growl. "Not tryin to be the n---- that they keep behind bars/ What's good? You got it? I'm a take yours/ I'm hood. F--- a gun, I break jaws."

Busta follows up with his own warning for contemporary hip-hop. "All the rinky dink Mr. Softee rap, I'm here to kill it," he explodes. "Reinstate the boom and make you n----- feel it." As long as DMX stays out of Arizona, we hope he aims for more performances like this. You can grab 'Ya'll Really Don't Know' over at Swizzy's Basquiat Music site.