In addition to recently opening his own Champ Sports store in Miami, DJ Khaled is excited about another big event -- the upcoming birth of his son.

In fact, Khaled is so excited, he went sneaker shopping. “I’m very excited,” Khaled told PEOPLE. “Super excited. My son’s coming real soon. I went sneaker shopping for him the other day.”

Back in May, he announced that he's expecting a baby with his fiancee, fiancee Nicole Tuck.

“I’m really excited about having a child and having a family — and somebody who I can come home to and give them joy...that’s my son," he told the publication. “My circle’s always been tight. And it’s somebody I can be very personal with and share my love with him, and work hard, and give him everything, the same way my family did for me.”

Along with receiving a huge key to Miami Beach as well as dropping an advice book, The Keys, DJ Khaled is having an eventful year so far.

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