DJ Khaled has an expensive new mansion to deliver his keys of success from as he bought a $3.8 million mansion in Miami.

According to TMZ, the waterfront property spans 6,600 sq. ft. and includes a 45-foot boat dock, jet ski lift and an elevator. Yes, an elevator. The 40-year-old rap mogul definitely stays winning as the mansion also has seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms -- many different and new choices to deliver inspirational snaps from. Khaled can also catch a beautiful view from his bedrooms to his ocean-facing pool.

The We Da Best leader has been dropping keys to his success on social media (mostly on Snapchat). Through his words of wisdom he encourages fans to not give up on their dreams.

"When I came in this game, they never gave me the keys. They hid the keys from me. I'ma give you the keys. Bless up," he said in a recent post on Snapchat.

We'll definitely take those keys, especially if they open the doors to his new Miami mansion.

As we get our pen and pad to start writing down the keys of success, check out Khaled's latest bit of inspiration below.

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