Ask any artist to name a memorable fan moment and they're sure to reveal some gems that can come in the form of seeing tattoos of their song lyrics or hearing stories of how they've inspired lives. Unfortunately, Digital Underground's Shock G experienced a moment with a fan that was not a positive one.

Radio Now 100.9 has video of the Brooklyn, N.Y., native performing at a concert for an energized crowd. He jumps down from the stage to get closer to some fans and this is where things get interesting. Apparently, a woman in the audience stole a souvenir -- it appears to be be a pair of glasses -- that was given out earlier in the show from someone else. Shock G heard news of this and went to work to get the shades back. The lady he confronted wasn't too happy about what the rapper did next.

Witness Shock G snatch up the glasses and return them to their rightful owner here.

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