Sean "Diddy" Combs is not winning any fans at the New York City Police Department. More information is coming to light as the NYPD continues its investigation into the police escort Diddy received after performing at the Hammerstein Ballroom last Friday (April 23).

The Diddy-Dirty Money rapper and Bad Boy Records CEO has been at the center of the NYPD's attention before. The most infamous of Diddy's run-ins with the law is the Club New York incident he was involved in back in 1999, which left several people shot and former Bad Boy rapper Shyne eventually serving a 10-year prison sentence for assault and gun possession in its wake. Diddy fled the scene and the car he and then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez were riding in was pulled over after running several red lights.

"After how he treated cops the night he was arrested in Club New York, no one should have helped him cross the street, let alone get a police escort," a former police officer told The New York Post.

Despite initial denials, the NYPD now admits that Diddy did receive an escort, but allegedly for just one block, not all the way to the Lincoln Tunnel as first reported. This entire controversy kicked off after Combs' plans to take a helicopter to an after party in West Orange, N.J. didn't work out.

The officer who ordered the escort, after being brushed off the first time, claims he did so to alleviate a huge crowd that was forming in the rear of the venue and in the street. "This wasn't to benefit P. Diddy. It was to ameliorate a crowd situation," attorney Andrew Quinn told the Post.

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